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What is Said About Us!

Tolentino Familly

Pure Movement is the best darn Dance school around! Paula is a blessing to the kids. She is encouraging and makes them all feel equal and that they all have something to offer. My kids are so happy with her and what she teaches. Highly recommended from. Mom with 3 girls that dance with Paula!!;-) you wont be disappointed.

Kelly Stewart

 My daughter took 2 weeks of dance camp this summer with Paula. She has learned so much in that short time. She loved the experience! We did as well, love seeing her dance continually throughout our house! 

 Hope you have recovered from the show. Everything was so well done! Bravo to you and your crew! 

Chloe Mallette

 My daughter Chloe had her first year of dance at pure movement and she loved it miss Paula is so great with the kids will be joining again this year! 

Alexa Harvey

 The involvement and the commitment of the teachers! 

The Brownings

 " to paule: These past 7 or 8 years have been amazing. From Flip Flop & Fly to Americano to Fever this has been such a growing experience for both me and Katherine. From when i was little and used to give you hugs at your hip to now that i tower over you, or when katherine used to roll her eyes, we have grown up so much as people and as dancers. And we would just like to thank you for being there the whole way.
We love you 

Christopher Desrosiers


"From my introduction to the studio in 2001 and through my years of training as both a student and teacher, never before have I known a woman with so much passion for her craft and so much drive for success. To have witnessed the incredible obstacles that Paula has surmounted over the years demonstrates a true example of dedication and love to her students, her business, and to the art form."

Rasha Bakly

 Paula B is the best dance teacher! I take her hip hop classes once a week and I can't get enough! Paula, thanks for being the motivating teacher you are, and may you succeed in all your future undertakings.
PS. My legs are sore!!!

Luc Ottoni

 Now that the event is all over with, I feel that I want to expresss my deepest gratitude for making such a positve impact on my daughter's development in life.

The weekend was gruelling but very interesting and enlightening. A definitely positive experience for the students and parents alike.

Teacher's have as critical a role as parents do in the development of their children. At times, even more so in certain cases because they are role models.

The conversation we had at lunch yesterday truly highlited the positive values that you emphasize in life, and I am glad that she is attending your school.

Thanks again for a great experience for all of us!

Nicole Antoine

i just want to take the time to thank you for all the time and effort that you have been putting in to substitute me.....OBVIOUSLY those students are getting the very best......i hope the other teachers are not too jealous that now we definatley have the advantage...lol....
ne ways i hope everything is going down great boo
see you when i get back....(the countdown begins....:(...)

love you much 

Paul Beauvais

 You are an amazing and talented communicator with the ability of bringing out the best in your students as well as those surrounding you. I have witnessed it first hand.



Karen & Jessica Sims

Jessica nor I would choose anyone else to teach her dance.  We see your dedication and all the hard work you put into teaching these kids not only how to dance but it has brought a lot of confidence to these kids. 

We are the ones who thank you, Paula, and look forward to another great year! I believe that in life we are faced with many challenges but the one great thing that comes out of it is it makes us stronger.  You should be so proud of yourself.

Candice Stark


Paula, Thank-you for everything you have done for me. I’m so lucky to have a teacher like you. You’ve made me the dancer I am today. Love Candice Stark xoxo