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Competition Team Auditions

Each dancer with the desire to compete is required to audition regardless of past competition experience. 

A dancer who has previously competed is not guaranteed a place on the competition team.

Competition is an opportunity to increase performance skills, to do the best job we can, to show responsibility in practice, commitment, and to form new friendships in working as a team.

Teams participate in an average of 2 competitions per year and 1 workshop.

Come ready for dance ; clothes and shoes (all types), hair tied back.  This will be just like a class. 

You will have a warm up – stretch out. The instructor may do something across the floor – for example leaps and turns. Then you will learn a combination. Please come to have a GREAT time, enjoy yourself, learn and perform some Fun Dances.  

Dancers will be divided / evaluated by age and skill level. 

We will watch you dance with others in several different groups
until we find the best match – the best class for you with dancers who have similar dance skills.

Upon conclusion of placement classes, we will email your recommended class/team.

Team Member

Students who are interested in becoming a part of Pure Motion’s Competitive Team, auditions occur in the month of August. 

Many factors determine a student’s placement on the team; 

Elements such as experience, technique, performance, coordination, class behavior in addition to the student’s ability to take direction, apply corrections & loyalty.

Competition Team

Pure Motion started competing in 1998.  The team is for dedicated students who are advanced and exceed in a specific style of dance, starting from 5 years old and up. 

Once a student is chosen to be on the team, the student will go through intensive weekly training and participate in Regional and National Competitions throughout Canada and the United States, as well as performing in Benefit Shows and special events for the community. 

PM Competition Team has been very successful and has awarded the school Cash Prizes, Scholarships and Several Gold and Platinum Trophies. As well as Overall, Top, Best Costume, Best Choreography, Dancer of the Year, Most Passionate, Top Model to name a few. Competitors starting at 13yrs old can possibly be selected for our Teacher Training Program. 


Competition is not for everyone, but should your child be approached regarding the team, this means that we recognize the talent, potential, and hard work that is displayed by your child. We acknowledge their capabilities and feel that they are not being met as a recreational dancer. 

Being on the team involves dedication and commitment from both the students and his/her parents. The dancers spend hours together rehearsing, fundraising and participating in planned events. The teams become very close and friendships blossom throughout the years.  

Additional information will be provided regarding 

-Additional fees, fundraising campaigns, deadline for entrance fee, accessories needed & photos


-Mini Dance Team: This team is exposed to competitions designed for our 5 to 8yr olds who just can’t wait to compete.

-Pre-Team: This team is exposed to competitions & workshops and train to be on the team the following year.

-Part-Time: Hip-Hop Competitors are required to register for 1 other class.

-Full-Time: Technical Competitors are required to take 2 classes or more (of different styles).

-Workshops: are held at most competitions and students are asked to attend minimum one, but it is compulsory to attend studio workshops.


-Students build and gain self-confidence, hard work and determination.

-They learn discipline, positive attitude, team work and good sportsmanship, that is needed in everyday life. They learn to win honorably and fail graciously.

-Friendships for both students and parent’s are made, as well as shared interests and valued opinions.

-Exposure and opportunities to work with professionals in the dance industry (workshops).



Birthday Performance

Isaac Birch the hoofer taps away at Dave's surprise birthday 

celebration @ Table 51

Commodore's Ball Yatch Club: Saturday, September 22nd' 2018

Commodore and Mrs. Terry Maher and the flag officers of The Lord Reading Yacht Club invited PMDS to join them at the Commodore’s Ball Dinner!

WIBCA 36th Annual Banquet: Sat, Sept 29th' 2018

Together We Are Stronger

Dinner & Fashion Show

Jardins Dorval Mall: Sat, Oct 27th' 2018

Kumon has invited Pure Motion to perform and do dance demonstration at their awards at Jardins Dorval.

Congratulations to the students for their great work!

12th Christmas Tree Lighting: Fri, Nov 2018

PMDS was invited to perform in the Dorval Village!

Tim Horton's after an amazing performance!

Tim Horton's after an amazing performance!

Thunderstruck Canada - May 2018


 11 Routines: 7 Lightning Gold / 4 Gold


*Judges Choice Award*

Outstanding Performance: Senai Clayton

*Future Star Top Solo Overall*

4th Place - Bibbidy: Jazz Solo : Alexa Harvey

2nd Place - Pure Sass: HipHo Solo : Senai Clayton

*Future Star Top Duo Overall*

3rd Place - Heartbeat Drumbeat : Tap Duo

*Future Star Top Trio Overall*

3rd Place - Me and My Girls : Jazz Trio


*Judges Superbolt Award*

Senai Clayton

*Future Star Top Solos Overall*

5th Place - Chloe Malette : Street-Funk Solo

4th Place - Call Ciccotosto : Musical Threatre