Over 25 years of quality dance instruction!



Our Mission is to teach children how to dance and have fun. To develop their talent, self-confidence & self-esteem which is one of the greatest gifts we can give your child. 

Our Main Goal is to provide quality dance instruction, helping each student reach their maximum potential, instilling an appreciation for dance.

Our Focus is on a positive approach to help students develop an appreciation of learning the performing arts. It is important to have an enjoyable classroom experience while developing the understanding of structure, etiquette, responsibility to self/others, and dance skills to grow as a dancer. 

Pure Motion offers excellent careful training and experienced teachers to motivate and inspire a passion for dance in all students whether pursuing a professional career or to those dancing for recreational enjoyment. 

The opportunity to perform is offered to our students at our Annual Recital. Placing emphasis on student participation and preparing students to perform in front of an audience. 

Dancing and performing before an audience is not only enjoyable for your child, it’s a great way to BUILD CONFIDENCE & MEMORIES!!!

After 25 successful years, Pure Motion continues to prevail in every aspect of dance and entertainment. The school promises dancers to achieve beyond their expectations in an environment which embraces diversity, independence and passion.

We take pride in providing a nurturing atmosphere to enable students to reach their fullest potential. We believe that in building self-esteem we can help build strong, confident students who will excel in everyday life. 

Our hope is to provide an opportunity for creativity, exploration, personal expression and growth.


Pure Motion has one beautiful studio. The studio is fitted with full-length mirrors, ballet bars and air-condition.

Our waiting area is welcoming for parents and siblings to wait, as well as a notice board updated regularly with newsletters & upcoming events.

Meet Our Staff

DIRECTOR Paula Birch


Meet Our Staff

Mikayla Glumac


Cynthia Miles


Gianni Alvarez


Danyka Menard


Yasamin Fawzi


Marie-Josee Corriveau